Crystal Island Fiji  

Located in the fabled Yasawa Islands Fiji, where the ancient magnetic Lei Lines cross, is a special place on Earth called Crystal Island.

The largest in a chain of small islands, with white sandy beaches and crystal -clear azure blue waters, this 14 acre tropical paradise is a haven for the Green Sea Turtles, who return every year to lay their eggs.

A peaceful healing presence is strongest on the NE of the island at Crystal Cove, where large deposits of white Crystalline Quartz are embedded in the black volcanic rock which forms the base of this unique island.

Only 30 Minutes by Seaplane or 2.5 hrs on a 40 passenger Catamaran, the island remains untouched from the rest of the world, except for a few local islanders you may see from time to time collecting  seafood, like coconut crabs and sea grapes ( a Fijian delicacy)


On arising a cup of lemon leaf tea and maybe a walk around the island.                                                                                                                      8am Breakfast & "Masu" (a short Fijian prayer to bless the food and your day)

After a healthy Fijian breakfast, help our chef collect fresh tropical fruits and veges from our own organic plantation, then explore our magnificent coral reefs and snorkel on a WW2 American Fighter Plane - still preserved in Manuka Lagoon. After lunch, join a traditional Fish Drive and catch dinner. A relaxing Island Massage late afternoon, then as the sun sets on the Lagoon - a Tropical Cocktail before a Sumptuous evening meal served at the Beach Bure with one of Fiji's outstanding Chefs and of course a Fijian desert treat.

Snorkeling and handline fishing trips to our fringing pristine coral reefs are a daily must and once per week a short boat trip to visit the High Chief(Tui) in Marau Village where our Fijian Landowner business partners are from. (NB this is a Sustainable Fijian Joint Venture Business)

Lastly the sound of South Sea Island guitars, ukuleles and the Fijian crew harmonizing around the beach bonfire, as the moon comes up on the Lagoon under a starry sky, as another day draws to a close in this Tropical Paradise.

WARNING Your Life may never be the same again . We have 4 amazing Fijian Islanders who will look after you during your stay and who will become your Island family and friends for life..

We look forward to you visiting Crystal Island soon, so you too can experience our Fiji"The Way The World Should Be"

from Capt. Paul, Tui Naqau & all our Fijian family